The Unspoken Degree Team



The Unspoken Degree Team is a Masonic degree team,
by dispensation from the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. 

The goal of the team is to present excellent degree work, thereby inspiring new masons to explore and study the lessons of Masonry, and to facilitate stronger mastery and presentation of ritual and floor work by the team members in their other LODGE officer positions.

This team is intended for 'newer' Masons, and therefore is open to all Masons in good standing, of 15 years experience or less, who wish to present excellent degree Work.





The Unspoken Degree Team was formed with the intent of providing opportunities for lesser experienced masons who show capability with masonic ritual.  Ordinarily, newer mason officers would have the chance to perform a degree only once or twice in any officer position before being promoted to the next position within the ascending line.  For those officers who work very hard to perfect their memorization and presentation of ritual for a particular position, this can sometimes feel like a waste of effort.  The Unspoken Degree Team offers an outlet for those talented officers who wish to demonstrate their skill in the company of similarly capable, talented and committed masons.  Additionally, newer masons who have become Past Masters early in their Masonic careers are most welcome to qualify in the positions they like the most, ensuring that the effort to memorize, maintain, and present ritual is a joy, and not a burden.

This team was formed also to provide an excellent demonstration of ritual and floor work to any Massachusetts jurisdiction lodge that may wish to utilize them.  This is not just for lodges that lack an experienced or full officer line.  On the contrary, the Unspoken Degree team would be pleased to assist lodges that have 'the best problem' of having many candidates to advance within the degrees at the same time.  Additionally, any Worshipful Master looking for 'something new and fresh' within their already excellent degree nights would be well served by engaging this team.  Your officers will get a most deserved 'evening off' on the sidelines, while sacrificing none of the quality of work your lodge has come to expect.


What's in a Name?

"So why are you called the Unspoken Degree Team?  Don't you speak to do ritual?"   The name of the team comes from the requirement that all members take upon themselves the 'Unspoken Obligation'.  The exact nature of this obligation is known only to the members of the team, but it emphasizes the importance of excellent and passionate ritual in the process of making new Masons.  All officers in any regular lodge who participate in degree work are subject to this Unspoken Obligation, but members of the team have made it a point to speak that Obligation aloud, and thereby explicitly commit themselves to the effort demanded.






At present, the Unspoken Degree Team is qualified to present the following ritual:

  1. Master Mason Degree
    from beginning to end, as well as a charge following the completion of the official degree work.  The team can present the entire degree, or specific portions, according to the needs and wishes of your lodge.

    from beginning to end, as well as a charge following the completion of the official work. tHE team can install the entire officer line, or specific portions of the installation ceremony, according to the needs and wishes of your lodge.




The Unspoken Degree Team is available to perform degree work anywhere within the Eastern to Central Massachusetts area.  Requests from lodges in the western part of Massachusetts are welcome, but may be more difficult to schedule.  Please request to engage The Unspoken Degree Team with at least 2 - 3 months notice, as the team is still new, and this period of time is necessary to confirm availability for all officer positions, and schedule rehearsals.

Donations to the Unspoken Degree Team will first assist the team with acquiring its own regalia, and afterwards will be donated to various Masonic charities.  A suggested minimum donation of $250 would be well received, but lodges with limited means should not be discouraged, as the team is happy to assist on a sliding scale.




Worshipful Brother Patrick H. J. DelVal - President

Wor. Patrick DelVal is a Past Master of Delta Lodge in Braintree, a Past District Deputy Grand Secretary for the 8th Masonic District, and an Aide to the Grand Lecturer within the 8th District.  He has qualified before his fellow team members for all officer positions in all work for which the Degree Team has received dispensation. 

In his visits to other lodges, Patrick often witnessed excellent work presented by 'newer' masons, and in later conversations, heard disappointed comments from them at having worked to perfect their ritual on a previous position that they enjoyed greatly, but due to being in the ascending line, they no longer had the opportunity to perform IN that position.  Having heard this statement from several officers in different lodges, Patrick set out to create a degree team that would allow them to demonstrate that excellence more regularly in the officer role they enjoyed.


Worshipful Brother Kenneth A. Longo, Jr. - Vice President

Wor. Ken Longo is A Past Master of Simon W. Robinson Lodge in Lexington, and the current District Deputy Grand Chaplain for the 14th Masonic District.  He has routinely been requested to assist other lodges with their Degree Work, often being the 'go to guy’ to fill any officer position or perform any lecture, even on short notice. 

In his experience performing Degree Work in several lodges, Wor. Longo has also qualified for every officer position within the Degree Team's permitted work.  It was a chance meeting that Ken, when filling in at Major General Henry Knox Lodge, met Patrick.  Upon hearing of Patrick's intent to form a degree team, Ken signed on, volunteering to help develop a unique set of impressive floor work for the team.  His dedication to detail keeps the team ever improving.


Brother Christopher P. George - Vice President

Bro. Christopher George is a member and officer of The Harvard Lodge in Boston.  As a proud Master Mason, Chris enjoys maintaining a line officer position, as well as the chair of multiple committees, since 2014.  Performing high caliber degree work with precision and authenticity is a passion of his, which stood out to Wor. DelVal during his lodge visits looking for potential members.  Bro. George’s enthusiasm and drive made him the natural choice for the first Senior Deacon of the team, and that enthusiasm continues to motivate the team as a whole, for which reason Chris has taken on a leadership role within the team.  Outside of Masonry, his interests extend to music, travel and martial arts.




If you wish to engage The Unspoken Degree Team to do Degree Work in your Lodge,
or you are interested in qualifying to join the Degree Team,
please fill out and submit the form below and you will be contacted promptly.  

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