7:00 PM19:00

Weymouth United Masonic Lodge - Master Mason Degree - 4 Candidates

The Unspoken Degree Team will finish its Spring 2018 season with a Master Mason Degree at Weymouth United Masonic Lodge. As many of the team members originate from that lodge, this will be a great opportunity to show how joining the team has sharpened their skills and how well officers from several different lodges can work together with excellence!

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11:30 AM11:30

The Harvard Lodge - Master Mason Degree - 12 Candidates

The Unspoken Degree team has been requested to assist The Harvard Lodge in performing the Master Mason Degree on 12 Candidates. In order to present the ritual with quality to all candidates, 3 lodge rooms will be utilized, with 3 separate officer lines. Each will perform work on 3-4 candidates. The Unspoken Degree Team is grateful to THL for their confidence in us to be the first lodge to see us demonstrate our work on actual candidates.

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