At present, the Unspoken Degree Team is qualified to present the Master Mason Degree, from beginning to end, as well as a charge following the completion of the official degree work.  The team can present the entire degree, or specific portions according to the needs and wishes of your lodge.




The Unspoken Degree Team is available to perform degree work anywhere within the Eastern to Central Massachusetts area.  Requests from lodges in the western part of Massachusetts are welcome, but may be more difficult to schedule.  Please request to engage The Unspoken Degree Team with at least 2 - 3 months notice, as the team is still new, and this period of time is necessary to confirm availability for all officer positions, and schedule rehearsals.

Donations to the Unspoken Degree Team will first assist the team with acquiring its own regalia, and afterwards will be donated to various Masonic charities.  A suggested minimum donation of $250 would be well received, but lodges with limited means should not be discouraged, as the team is happy to assist on a sliding scale.